Programme Festival Het Accordeon 2012 - English version

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The twelfth edition of the biannual Festival Het Accordeon in Deventer is hold from 2 till 5 February 2012. A wide range of musicians, bands, and orchestra's playing different genres make the Festival a surprising, diverse, and fascinating event. We feel priviliged that Carel Kraayenhof, player of the bandoneon, connects his name to our Festival. He will also be host and programmer of the evening programme on Saturday. There are several workshops which you can find under the button 'Workshops' on the left. For questions please use the 'contactformulier' under the Info menu. 

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Thursday February 2, 2012 
Opening concert in Deventer Schouwburg
19:00 Concert Entree. Kleine zaal, Deventer Schouwburg.
20:00 Dutch Symphony Orchestra and Geir Draugsvoll. Grote zaal, Deventer Schouwburg. 
€ 32,25; >28 €12,50

- Dutch Symphony Orchestra and Geir Draugsvoll: world premiere of Krepsens Omvending by the Nordic composer Magnar Åm.
- Concert entree: Ellen Zijm, instrumental ensemble and Gertie Bruin. Premiere of a new composition by Mareike Lenz.

For tickets see: Deventer Schouwburg

Friday Februari 3, 2012
Nederlands Accordeon Ensemble: Lukas Passion [Dutch Accordion Ensemble]

12:15 Kleine zaal, Deventer Schouwburg.
€ 5,00

Piazzo Ensemble and the Etty Hillesum Lyceum schoolorkest: Inspiration
Ereprijs and Marieke Grotenhuis: world premiere composition
20:00 Joodse Synagoge Deventer [Jewish Synagoge]
€ 15,00; CJP/<18 € 7,50

Musical performance of the First Harmonium Concerto of Martijn Padding and a premiere of the new composition by Janco Verduin, commisioned by Orchestra De Ereprijs. 

Irish Pub Festival
On Friday and Saturday night the Irish Pub Festival takes place in Deventer. This is perhaps an interesting event to explore in addition to the programme of Festival Het Accordeon. See for more information:


Saturday February 4, 2012
Afternoon concert - Duo van Amsterdam: violin and accordion
16:00 Bergkerk
Free entrance

Vincent and Janine van Amsterdam perform a.o. compositions by Chiel Meijering, Carl Nielsen, Felix Mendelssohn and Frank Angelis.

Saturday evening programme

From 19:30 Deventer Schouwburg
€27,50; CJP/<18 €13,75
(Only visiting the Balfolk?: from 22:00 € 10,00; CJP/<18 €5,00)

Saturday night at Festival Het Accordeon offers an extremely divers and interesting program.

Carel Kraayenhof, bandonéon player, composer, and music arranger, is one of the most fascinating and all-round bandonéon player of our time. This evening he takes on the role of programmer and host and plays together with a number of his favorite artists: Flemish folkband Hot Griselda and tango and fado pianist Juan Pablo Dobal.

Other acts:

- Nederlands Jeugd Accordeon Orkest [Dutch Youth Accordion Orchestra] with Ellen Zijm, Bram van Weverberg and Kwintetto.
- Hans Günther Kölz and Matthias Anton (Accordion and saxophone)
- Luciano Biondini and Maarten van der Grinten (Jazz: accordion and guitar)
- Marijke Boon (Humor: accordion and saxophone or clarinet)
- Gertie Bruin, Mia Gast en Nanne van der Werff (Chansons: accordion, voice and piano)
- Claudia Buder en Matias de Oliviera Pinto (Classical: accordion and cello)
- Rick Slagers (Bluesharp)
- Beltuner (French folk: ensemble)
- Tref: Balfolk (Folk: diatonic button accordion)
- Quatuor d'Amore and actor Hubert Damen (Tango: music and poetry)

For tickets go to: Deventer Schouwburg


Sunday February 5, 2012
Alphen Opus 2: Fairytale  
12:00 Bergkerk
€ 10,00; CJP/<18 € 5,00

Accordeon ensemble Alphen Opus 2 plays accessible contemporary music, specially written for this group by composer Alexander Comitas. The performance is supported by a puppet theatre.

Wim Claeys and Bruno le Tron: akoestisch harmonicaconcert 
13:15 Etty Hillesum Centrum
€ 10,00; CJP/<18 € 5,00

Flemish harmonica player Wim Claeys and Frenchman Bruno le Tron will impress everyone with their melancholical and happy songs.

De Beer & Co: Family play Ariadne op Naxos
14:30 Deventer Schouwburg: Kleine zaal 
€ 13,50; CJP/<18 € 10,00

Ariadne auf Naxos is a performance that introduces children with opera theatre and classical music in a playful and humoristic way.

Ivan Koval
14:30 Bergkerk
€ 10,00; CJP/<18 € 5,00

Ivan Koval plays classical music on accordion. He is primarily interested in Bach, but also takes on modern composers.

16:00 DokH2O (Scheepvaartstraat 13, 7411 MB Deventer)
€ 10,00; <27 € 5,00

TOEAC is formed by Pieternel Berkers and Renée Bekkers. They announce with pride their first album NORDIC MUSIC which contains a broad collection of Scandinavian works. Renée and Pieternel studied at the Master at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Geir Draugsvoll and James Crabb in Copenhagen. They now develop there technical skills further with the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma. At this occassion they will present their new CD and play amongst others Grieg's 'Holberg Suite' and Jørgensens 'Kommos'.

Joris Linssen and Caramba: Vuur [Dutch]
16:00 Bouwkunde
€ 18,00; CJP/<18 € 16,50

Mexican mauriachi songs were translated to Dutch by Joris Linssen. 
For tickets: Theater Bouwkunde